Use Alumilite‚Äôs Dyes to color your casting resins. Can be used in the clear resin to make a translucent colored casting or added to Amazing Clear Cast for dynamic bar top coatings and river tables. Consult the resin Technical Data Sheet to learn what side of the resin to add dye to. In most instances, dye can be added up to 5% by weight, although you should always use the smallest amount to achieve the desired color. Use the Flesh tones according to your preference of shade (flesh tones are typically used in Alumilite White to achieve the best results).

Translucent colors include: green, yellow, red, blue, brown, orange, violet, and ocean blue.

Opaque colors include: White, Black, Flo (fluorescent) Red, Flo Orange, Flo Yellow, Flo Green, Caucasian, African American, and Native American (some translucency can be achieved by adding an incredibly small amount of these dyes to clear resin).

NOTE: 1 oz. bottle dispensing tip must be cut to dispense dye. Tip may also be removed completely.

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